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Ebusiness & Marketing Resources

ResourcesThe rapid pace of change on the Internet means that when developing your ebusiness strategy it is important to consider some of the key issues affecting your industry and the impact of the latest on and offline developments. NMS has brought together a selection of information rich new media web sites.

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Nua Internet Surveys is one of the most comprehensive sources available for online statistics and trend analysis. Take a look at the Trendmuncher discussion list and the editorials for more in depth analysis.

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The online version of the FT is one of the best business resources on the web. It has specialist sections on ebusiness, IT ecommerce and Internet. There is also a global archive of over 5 million articles taken from a range of print sources.

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Forrester specialises in research and analysis of the impact of the Internet on businesses. There is both client and guest access to the latest research and archives. Examine Press resources including Forrester findings, and talking point for an overview of the current issues.

Marketing Resources
Search Engine Marketing

For an overview of the latest news and updates on Search engine marketing.
Search Engine Watch

Internet PR guide

Provides public relations tips, strategies and a directory of online PR resources.
Internet PR Guide

Popular Marketing & IT Resources
Brand Republic
Taking a UK slant on the world of Marketing & Advertising.

The Register
An offbeat look at the world of IT.

Witty interactive guide to branding, product positioning and promotion.

Adweek and Brandweek

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